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  1. Stacked 2D Chart

    I posted another question to my original question. Can someone please take a look at it? TIA, Dami
  2. Stacked 2D Chart

    Thank you so much for the response. I'm curious though how you got the Total # of Apples to show up at the top of the bar? Also, is it possible to show the total numbers for each section? Not as a tooltext attribute, but on the bar itself? So 7 would show up at the top of the bar, and 4 would show up at the top of its section (same for the other bar, too). Thanks again for your help.
  3. Stacked 2D Chart

    I guess I put my question in the wrong subsection and I really need help: My Question I'm hoping someone has an answer either way. TIA, Dami
  4. Stacked 2D Chart

    I'm not sure if this can be done, but I'm hoping you can help me with a solution. Scenario: Four pieces of data include Bar 1: Total # of Apples Total # of Apples Washed (subsection of Total # Apples) Bar 2 Total # of Apples Assigned to a given Washer Total # of Apples given Washer has Washed (subset of Total # of Apples Assigned to a given Washer) I need two bars each showing the max value equal to (and displaying the correct number of) the Total # of Apples (bar 1) and Total # of Apples Assigned to a given Washer (bar 2) The subsets of each bar (always equal to or smaller than the Totals above) would be the second section of the Stacked 2D chart. Example: 7 Total Apples 4 Total Apples Washed 4 Total Apples Assigned to a given Washer 2 Total Apples a given Washer has Washed So the first bar would show 7 as a max value for the Total # of Apples (in Green) and of that 7, 4 (in Blue) have been washed. The second bar would show 4 as a max value for the Total # of Apples Assigned to a given Washer (in Green) and of that 4, 2 (in Blue) have been washed by the given Washer. What I'm currently getting is two sections (Green and Blue) being added together showing 11 (7 + 4) Total Apples and 6 (4 + 2) Total Apples Assigned to a Washer Does this make any sense at all? Is it possible to do what I want? Would another chart be a better choice than the Stacked 2D chart? Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Oh, Benevolent Supreme Being, you have more than answered my question. Thank you for the tip about FusionCharts having the files I need. I have cobbled together a MySQL query and got it to work without the renderChart function, displaying multiple charts per page, based on the query results. This is going to be fun! Thanks again, Dami
  6. I've downloaded and installed the Widgets XT package and I want to query the MySQL database to make my gauge. In the little bit of reading I've done, I'm shown the code "echo renderChart(paramters here)" etc. But no where in the trial files is the php function renderChart. Do I have to download/eventually purchase more than just the widgets package to make this possible? TIA Dami