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  1. Linked Charts Using Master Page

    Here is a sample project. If you run the default page the first column3d graph should drill down to a pie3d and the second column3d graph should drill down to a column3d graph however they both drill down to a column3d.
  2. Mscolumn3D Drill Down To Mscolumn3D

    Thanks that resolved my issue. Thanks for the quick response!
  3. Mscolumn3D Drill Down To Mscolumn3D

    Then is there something wrong with the data that I have attached?
  4. I have a Column3D chart setup to drill down to anotherColumn3D chart which works as expected. When I try to add another Column3dchart that I want to drill down to a Pie3D chart it will open the Column3Dchart rather than the Pie3D chart. Should this work?
  5. Is it possible to use MSColumn3d to drill down to anotherMSColumn3d chart? The data will show in the first chart andlinked as expected however when clicking on a link all I get is “No Data toDisplay”. This is usually indicating that the xml is incorrect howeverit looks correct in the attached xml file ClassSizeXML.xml