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  1. Hi Swarnam, Thanks for your time and help. The given forum post contains required information. Thanks, Sasidhar.
  2. Hi Sumedh, Thanks for your time and help. I used JavaScript Charts and now I am able to capture all required events. Thanks, Sasidhar.
  3. Hi Sudipto, But this will disable the drill-down feature on each individual column of a column chart. No? I want a Flash Chart which will have all it's regular features like dill-down and an additional event listener for click and mouse over on them. Hope I explained my issue clearly. Thanks.
  4. Hi, jQuery 1.8.0. For the above issue, I disabled animations and it is working fine. But I think, the chart looks good with animation. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I am using JavaScript rendering engine. When I generate the column chart, I can see data labels and chart background, but not the columns. For the column, I am getting following SVG element. <rect rx="0" ry="0" fill="url(http://localhost/#highcharts-5)" x="388.5" y="307" width="49" height="0" stroke-width="1" stroke-opacity="1" stroke="#333333" r="0"></rect> Here it is clear that the rectangle height is 0. Same is happening with Column3D. I am using requirejs, backbonejs, underscorejs, raphael in other parts of the page. I tried changing to Pie2D. It is showing only a single horizontal line and no slices. When I click on the slices and move, then it is showing the slices. Also, when I click on any slice, it is not animating (to come out from the center). But the slice's lable and it's connector are moving. After doing this when I rotate the Pie chart, the slices are overlapping. Please help me, how to fix this? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Is there any way to listen for mouse hover and mouse click events on any chart? I am not talking about individual series/columns. I am planning to show some re-size controls on hover over and properties when clicked on chart (at any place, even when the user clicks on border color, which is in Flash). I am using Flash fusion charts. Thanks.