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  1. Hi, I am working on a prototype in Grails environment and have been struggling to make Real-time chart updates work with Data stamp. My front-end gsp(similar to jsp) calls the server layer on load to get the XML (attached here). In controller I am making a call to DB procedure which returns the data. Thereafter, front end pulls the data periodically. I enabled the JS debugging and can see the traces in Firebug until the initial chart plotting. Thereafter I don't see any server calls in Firebug. However, to my surprise I can see calls coming to server.Here is the sample of refresh data that I am building.&label=18.21.37,18.21.42,18.21.47,18.21.52|value=378,657,289,478&dataStamp=18.21.52Without dataStamp, the chart gets updated as expected with periodic refresh calls that are visible in Firebug. The moment I add dataStamp, it stops updating the chart. Looking at this post, I even replaced colon in timestamp to '.' and '/' with no success. On a different note, even though enabling slantLabels='1' the labels show up in straight lines. Any quick help is appreciated. Thanks, Raghu. dataStamp.xml fusionChart.bmp