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  1. Thanks Sudipto. The experimental settings worked for me. Is there any issue in using them in production environment? any stability issues? Also regarding the legend positioning and other related questions I have raised, can you register it as an enhancement request for the product?
  2. Hi, I am using 3.3.0 version. I need to control the following attributes of a bar chart: Gradient palette for the bar chart with start and end color. Currently the "plotGradientColor" can only accept 1 color. I need to specify the color range for gradient in a palette. e.g. Gradient: #66b6d4 - #277197 with Outline: #2a839a; Gradient: #ff9854 - #cf5504 with Outline: #a84400 Outline of the bar chart should come from a palette i.e. the palette that i define above should also include a color for the outline/border. Legend on left bottom. Currently only option is right or bottom Print/export button bottom left. next to "manage real time" button for widgets Rahul
  3. X-Axis Scaling

    Hi Sumedh Its the same issue as posted by scottbed above...Screenshot is the same Rahul
  4. X-Axis Scaling

    Hi Sumedh, I have a similar requirement but related to timestamp on the x axis. Has this feature been introduced or any workaround? Rahul
  5. Hi I am using 3.2.4 r9888 version of fusion charts. we have a real time line chart with x axis as timestamp. I have couple of questions: Does it treat a x axis as string or timestamp only? meaning does it look at the current and previous value and adjust the x axis Suppose we get data at every 10 second e.g. 10 th second = 345, 20 th second = 323, 30 = 564, 40 = 333, and then we start getting data every 1 second. i.e. 41st second = 343, 42 = 335 and so on, The question I have is, will it scale the x axis according to the data i.e. distance between 2 ticks i.e. 10 and 20 th second will be different from distance between 40, 41 and 42nd second. So far I have seen that it does not scale according to x axis value as it does not treat it as timestamp. Any help would be appreciated. Rahul
  6. Appreciate a help on this issue. Sometimes we have noticed that charts points are plotted outside the chart area.
  7. Hi, We are using a streaming engine in the background to push data for real time column/line/area. Scenario 1 - no data available when chart loaded for the first time. Our logic is if the chart is opened for the first time and there is no data in the backend, the chart gets painted empty and occupies the entire 100% height and width. Now based on refresh interval, dataStreamURL gets invoked and if data is available it gets shown. However the chart size does not resize and it truncates the x axis labels. see attached. Scenario 2 - data available when chart loaded for the first time. But if chart is opened for the first time and data is available, it resizes properly and x axis value shows up fine. Is there a way to resize the chart during dataStream calls? We are using 3.2.4-sr1.9888. Rahul
  8. Hi, I am using fusion widgets (real time column). It polls the backend server (j2ee application) every 1 second. however updated data is only available at the interval of 10seconds. If i keep going back every 1 second, then the chart plots the same data 9 additional times (i.e. duplicate data is plotted). Any suggestion on how to inform fusion charts to not plot duplicate data. I am thinking of passing data stamp back to server, but if no new data is available (from 2nd second till 9th second), how will fusion charts behave? will it not plot anything if no data is returned? See the attached screenshot Rahul
  9. Real Time Chart Simulation For Pie

    Hi Sudipto Thanks. We tried this option, but it actually slows down the page load and sometime you can see the pie chart rendering (i.e. show on/off). Which does not simulate real time unlike other charts. Any other suggestions? I think making pie and other charts real time should be a top priority for the company. Rahul
  10. Using Showrtmenuitem Property

    Okay. This helped. with version 3.2.2 R2 (build 9888), I can see the start/stop on left bottom. Thanks.
  11. Hi We are evaluating FC and hence are using the trial version of XT. When I try to use the property showRTMenuItem=1 in JS render mode, at the bottom right I only see "fusion charts" link. I do not see the associated controls to start/stop. Is it because I am using a trial version?
  12. Hi, I know pie is not listed as real time widget but was wondering if someone has tried to simulate a real time charting using pie. The idea is that the chart shows the updated value without refreshing the page.
  13. Hi Bindhu You know what it worked :-) I was clearing my cache for last day or hour...and when I cleared all from both browsers it started working... Thanks for your help.
  14. Hi I am getting this problem using a latest real time column/line widgets (which i downloaded couple of days back). It works fine on IE9 but on chrome and firefox I get this message "chart type not supported". If I open developer tools of chrome I see that the in console i get the message "FusionCharts.HC.Widgets.js" not found (404)...though its there along with other JS files. Also on the network mode I see that content type for this file is coming as "text/html" rather than as "javascript"..... Please note I have copied rest of the JS files from charts as well but didnt help either. I see that fusioncharts.js in charts and widgets are of different sizes. Any suggestions? I used the FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); Rahul