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  1. setDataURL do not call ajax request under IE11

    I finally found the problem it comes from this line k.overrideMimeType && k.overrideMimeType("text/plain"); into the FusionChart.js file I don't care about the typemime of the call so I can remove it !
  2. setDataURL do not call ajax request under IE11

    I have extra information about the problem. the debugmode of Fusion Chart says #76 [by_month] fired "dataloadrequested" event. #77 [FusionCharts] fired "error" event. #1110111515A FusionChartsXmlHttprequest Error Error >> InvalidStateError #78 [by_year] fired "linkclicked" event.
  3. Hi I've got a big problem. I can't update de chart content dynamically with Internet Explorer (I'm using version 11. I do not know for other version) Everything works with FireFox and Chrome. But under IE11 the debug do not show me the ajax call The problem can be seen here http://statxpress.officexpress.fr use Identifiant : demo Mot de passe : demo Once you are connected click on "Analyser" Try then to select the year 2013 by clicking directly on the chart... The chart displaying stats by month will not be updated ! If you start the IE debugger (F12) you will see the ajax call to /eproc/ajax/stat-by-month.php is even not made. With the other browser the call is correctly made ! I've check I do not have duplicate HTML object using the same id !!! I've tryed the last version of FusionChart. The problem is still there.
  4. Server Side Export

    I do not understand anything about server side export documentation. Is there anyway to di tha same thing as http://fcimg.org by using only FusionChart script ?
  5. Get The Image Produced

    hi. I'm trying to use FusionChart in Javascript mode only. Is It possible to get the produced bitmap in order to put it automaticaly into a generated PDF file ?
  6. In fact FusionChart crash as soon as you define a prototype function. this code Object.prototype.objectClone = function() { var newObj = (this instanceof Array) ? [] : {}; var i; for (i in this) { if (i == 'clone') continue; if (this[i] && typeof this[i] == "object") { newObj[i] = this[i].objectClone(); } else newObj[i] = this[i] } return newObj; }; even if it is not called make FusionChart Crash and Firefox crash too !