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  1. Retrieving data

    Can I please get a response to my question? It's fairly important.
  2. Retrieving data

    Right now while a chart loads, I get a message that says "Retrieving Data. Please wait" Below there's a rectangle that I'm assuming is supposed to show progress but there's never any movement. is there a way to make the progress bar actually move? Thank you.
  3. Printing a chart

    Ugh, how do you prevent code from being interpreted in the post? I tried but the flash object still gets interpreted
  4. Printing a chart

    I have added the registerWithJS=1 to the parameters. Here's the object tag I'm using: I'm still getting the same JavaScript error. Where do I find the exact version? We got our Fusion Charts zip this month so I'm assuming the version is current. I only says Fusion Charts 3.0
  5. Printing a chart

    I'm trying to add a button for the user to print a chart. I've tried the following javascript functions: function printChart() { var chartToPrint = getChartFromId('Column3D'); chartToPrint.print(); } I have added FusionChart.js to my application, the error I'm getting is chartToPrint.print() is not a function. Is there a file I'm missing? Am I doing something wrong? We're controlling and generating the charts using a jsp page containing data in xml format. Thank you.