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  1. Label Display Problem

    Hi, I am using the MSColumn3DLineDY chart. (V3.2) With a single category data, the label is diplayed at the top of the chart, above the title. The labels work fine with more than one category. The labeldisplay='STAGGER' causes the problem. Is it a bug or a foreseen behavior of the stagger option? XML: <chart caption="Sales Summary" subCaption="For the year 2010" palette='2' animation='1' PYAXisName='NNC' SYAxisName='NNAR' labeldisplay='STAGGER' seriesNameInToolTip='0' showValues='0' bgcolor='FFFFFF'> <categories> <category label="Quarter 1"/> </categories> <dataset seriesName="Products"> <set value="232400"/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="Services" renderAs="line" parentYAxis="S" showValues="1" valuePosition="BELOW"> <set value="147400"/> </dataset> </chart>