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  1. would this be something that could possibly be added in the future?
  2. Is there a way to be able to put the Gantt Task label on the Task bar instead of above it?
  3. Gantt - Vertical Scroll Bars

    I would be nice if say you had 500 tasks in a gantt chart, if you could freeze pane the header row and scroll down and still be able to see what month each is without hovering over the task or scrolling back to the top. Plus it would be nice to not have to figure out how tall the gantt chart needs to be based on the number of tasks you are putting in the gantt would be nice if i could just specify 750px and have it scroll if the chart is bigger than that.
  4. I saw a post from early 2011 about there not being vertical scroll bars for the Gantt charts. I was wondering if there had been any work on adding this or any plans to add this in the future.