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  1. Bullseye Chart?

    I've been using fusioncharts for awhile, but this latest request has me stumped. How would you go about building a bullseye chart in fusioncharts? The chart has x-axis and y-axis but has multiple zones nested within the chart. Then points would be positioned on the chart to show how close the projections ran... I suppose Gantt would be the place to begin?
  2. gantt runs out of ink

    I wouldn't have expected it to behave the way it does if flash has a limit to the vertical pixels. I thought it would just cut out, but it dribbles the rendering out until it runs out of space?
  3. gantt runs out of ink

    I built a gantt widget that potentially grows to 100 tasks. There are two tasks per process, baseline and task. But when the chart reaches a certain point it "runs out of ink". The tasks are still there and "hoverable" but they don't render on the page. How can I work around this? Don't worry about the task numbers, I just cut and paste to make a large enough amount.