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  1. Multiseries Spark Chart

    Hello, I am using fusionchart 3.3.1-sr2.19840. I want to know , How to build Multiseries spark Line Chart? Please provide json for that. Thanks, Sagar
  2. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestion. It just add <tspan dy="16" x="32" xml:space="preserve"> </tspan> But it does not show any vertical spacing between chart and caption.
  3. FusionWidget - SparklineChart width issue

    Hello, Thanks for your reply. Below is information that you required: a. The version of FusionWidgets XT you are using at your end. ==> version 3.3.1-sr2.19840 b. The screen shot of the issue along with the sample XML/JSON data to replicate the issue from our end. ==> attached herewith c. Also, please mentioned the chart dimension you have provided, at your end. ==> 120 X 100 I have attached image herewith. Json for Long Text.txt Json for Short Text.txt
  4. Pie chart Fill Color issue while Exporting to PDF

    Hello, Thanks for your reply. I tried your solution. Before this it was showing url for fill attribute of Path element ,like "url('http://mysite/#3052xr___98_162_150__rgba_0_142_142_0_:0-rgba_0_142_142_0_:100')" After doing your way, it shows "url('#3052xr___98_162_150__rgba_0_142_142_0_:0-rgba_0_142_142_0_:100')" Now let me share exact scenario. i want html of chart for further processing which not support svg. so i need to convert svg into base64 image now when i convert into base64 image, and then image having blank (no color) in pie chart. if i change fill attribute of path in svg, to specific color e.g. <path fill="Red"> then it is working fine to make this change, i want to remove gradient or any effects from pie chart i tried by set below properties to 0 bgAlpha borderAlpha plotFillAlpha plotBorderAlpha use3DLighting showPlotBorder animation defaultanimation but no luck will you please help me to sort out this
  5. Hello, I am using Pie chart version 3.3.1-sr2.19840 In that, After Pie chart is rendered, I get HTML of svg and put it in another simple HTML page. In that page , it does not show color inside Pie chart.. Note :: While checking HTML of pie chart I noticed that , there is some url for fill attribute of Path element , that showes url of http://mysite/#........ Both Images are attached herewith. How to solve this issue?
  6. Line Chart X-Axis Value issue

    Hello, I am using Fusion Line chart. In that I am facing issue of X-Axis data value while I am having much data to display. On X-Axis , I display date with time. If I am having less data than it will display Data proper on X-Axis with proper date and time. But when i am having much more data like more than 700 records to show. It will display "2013-06-16 12:00:00 AM" instead of actual value like "2013-06-16 3:00:00 PM" means it shows all date like "Date 12:00:00 AM". While I mouse hover on DataPoint, it shows correct value of x-axis as a tooltip. I have attached screenshot herewith. What might be the issue?
  7. Hello, I am using Fusion Widgets spark line chart. In that, actual chart widht depends upon the Caption provided. Suppose I have kept chart caption = "This is test for the chart" and for another chart I have kept Caption = "Test". For both of this, actual chart varies. according to length of the Caption. But it should not be as because of that Chart will look smaller. To solve this , is there any property or way to place Caption at different place? Or any other way to solve this?
  8. Hello, I am using Fusion Widgets - Spark Line chart. In that I have provide caption for the chart. I want to provide space vertically between caption and Chart. I have searched for that. There is option available for HorizontalPadding (captionPadding). But Is It possible to provide vertical padding between them?
  9. Hello, I have two requirements. 1. Show legend for single series column 2D chart. 2. Show upto certain character on x-axis of single series 2D chart. For example: If I have value of x-axis == "This is an example of Fusion chart" It should show only first 10 characters only. So it should show "This is an..." like this. How this can be achieved? Regards.
  10. Hello, Is there Mouse Drag event available in ZoomLine chart. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, It has been long time that i have not found any solution for this. And solution provide above has not solved my problem. So issue is still there. Is there any way to solve this?
  12. Hello, I tried it but it is also not working properly. It works fine when it is loaded first time but when I load chart again, and click on Save as Image button , it does not change "Waiting" button to "Save". So problem is still there. Is there any solution for this?
  13. Hello, It has been long time, I haven't got any solution for this problem. So is there any way to solve this? Thanks, Sagar
  14. Hello, As per your reply, I have attached demo application. In that when you load http://localhost:xxxx/fusionchart/default.aspx There will be one Button called "Load Chart" When you click on that it will load a chart. Than another button will appear there called "Save as Image". By clicking on that, it will show button for "Waiting for Export", Once export is done it will get changed to "Save the Chart". Now again follow the same process ==> Click on Load chart ==> click on Save as Image that "Waiting for Export" will not get changed to "Save the chart" Can you Provide me help to solve this? -- Sagar Joshi
  15. Hello, I am using Export functionality of chart. In that when I first bind chart (With partial Postback) and Click on export button it shows "Waiting" button and when Export Gets completed it changes to "Save". But when I bind chart again (with partial Postback), and click on Export button and Export gets completed, it does not change "Waiting" button to "Save". Any workaround for this? Thanking in advance.