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  1. 3D Doughnut and a minus sign

    Hi, I am using the 3D Doughnut chart. In some cases, one of the values i return can be a minus value (if the quota is overran). However this value does not come up on the Doughnut image with the minus sign although it has a minus sign in front of the figure in the xml (I have the showPercentValues set to '0'). NB The minus sign comes up in the tooltip with the minus sign. Is it possible to get this minus sign to appear on the chart. NB Ideally what I would like to happen is have any minus figure appear as a very small sliver on the doughnut with the minus figure beside it...but i know this may not be possible. Thanks..
  2. Hi, I am looking to buy the FusionCharts Professional licence. The charts will be hosted internally i.e on an intranet to staff only. I have read the info on it but want to verify - Is it any problem having different web apps on different servers i.e. we use some test servers so may have the product on those servers i.e. http://testserver1..., http://testserver2... Thanks...