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  1. Mvc Chart Extensions

    Hi Boris, I have attached a very simple working example, of our setup. I have included the create script for the table in my example as well, So you should be able to just run it. Things you need to add: - I have excluded the fusion chart swf's so you will need to add your own, or download the samples. (make sure you are using the latest version, I haven't tested with older charts.) These need to be put in the ~/Content/Charts/ Folder - If you have charts that are not yet on my list, you will need to add them to the ChartType Enum and they should wire-up automatically. I am out and about a fair bit over the next couple of weeks, but will try check from time to time, so let me know how it works out. ~D IpadReports.zip
  2. Mvc Chart Extensions

    Hi Boris, A lot of what you are asking for is UI releated, in terms of wiring up the ajax to your filters. I can supply you with the complete controller / view set, how ever I cannot give you a ready to run example, as this comes from our application.... I will try upload a stripped down set of controllers and views, along with my helper classes. ~D
  3. hi everyone, We have recently started playing around with the new XT Charts, and found that there was not many examples out there for implementing Fusion charts in a nice clean reusable pattern. In our project, we have opted to render the charts using a data url, as some of our queries were a little bit slow, and we wanted to minimize impact on the user experience, which was achieved by letting the other page content to load first, then waiting an extra second for a chart, didn't seam to be so bad. we have created strongly typed models for all the chart types, i have kept these to bare bones for these examples, but you can add sub classes for all the styling options, and additional parameters, should you find that you require them. (are not needed for getting started) we have also created some basic html extensions, for rendering of charts, I have only included a single Html Extension method, as that was all that i am using at the moment, for all my charting, creating overloads should you require them should be a simple enough process. Feel free to post updates / comments / suggestions MVC Chart Example.zip