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  1. Labels In Pie With Free Version?

    LOL... I thought I tried showEVERYTHING=1 ;-) Thanks so much, that worked great.
  2. Labels In Pie With Free Version?

    Actually, what I was looking for was the ability to display the labels without hovering over each slice of the pie. So, if it were printed, you'd see the labels.
  3. Are there lables that can be attached to a pie chart in the free version? I've tried adding showLegend='1' and showValues='1' but can only see the labels and percentages when I mouse over a slice.
  4. This Xml Won't Display In Ms Column, Why?

    I was using the free version and copying the examples from the licensed version. Apparently there is a difference between chart and graph. When I used graph it worked fine.
  5. I'm trying to display a multi-sequence chart (FCF_MSColumn3D) using the following xml which gives the error "No data to display": <chart showValues="0" caption="Bottom Competencies"> - <categories> <category label="Foxtrot" /> <category label="Kilo" /> <category label="Charlie" /> <category label="Delta" /> <category label="ClaimsPayback" /> </categories> - <dataset seriesName="Current"> <set value="050.00" /> <set value="060.00" /> <set value="060.00" /> <set value="060.00" /> <set value="063.16" /> </dataset> - <dataset seriesName="Last Period"> <set value="10.00" /> <set value="10.00" /> <set value="10.00" /> <set value="10.00" /> <set value="10.00" /> </dataset> </chart> what am I doing wrong?