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  1. saving images

    In my web application, I want to be able to export my data. I have a table of data and below it - fusion chart. Now, I want to export those into Excel or PDF. I can export the table data into Excel or PDF fine, but is it possible to export the chart/graph image into the Excel or PDF as well?
  2. Is there a way, for a graphical chart to be exported in Excel format? For instance, my clients really need a way to download these charts and export to their excel spreadsheet or word document for their presentation. Is it possible? I'm using Fusionchart v3 on ColdFusion.
  3. Let's say, I have a range (10, 50), (9, 23) and I want to plot those in a C.I chart, is it possible?
  4. Regression analysis chart?

    I know the scatter XY plot chart is good for doing correlation. However, I'm doing regression analysis and I was wondering if Fusionchart v3 can plot regression chart(and draw a least-square method) based on independent and dependent variables?