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  1. How to know default values of properties

    That's so good! Thank you, have a nice day
  2. How to know default values of properties

    Thanks a lot, this is exactly what I need! If the only way to have this values is to asking you the text files, could you please send me the default values for the following swf: Bar2D Bubble Column3D Doughnut2D Doughnut3D Funnel MSArea MSColumn2D MSColumn3D MSLine MSStackedColumn2D Pie2D Pie3D Pyramid Scatter ScrollArea2D ScrollColumn2D ScrollLine2D ScrollStackedColumn2D StackedArea2D StackedBar2D StackedBar3D StackedColumn2D StackedColumn3D Thanks for your help!
  3. How to know default values of properties

    I want to render this SWF: Column2D.swf. For example if we take the property show value we have this description: showValues Boolean 0/1 Sets the configuration whether data values would be displayed along with the data plot on chart. But it's not specify if the default value is 1 or 0. How can I find this value? Thanks!
  4. How to know default values of properties

    I'll try to be more explicit :hehe: : I want to do a form with all the chart's properties: for a property with a boolean value (animation for example) I create a checkbox button. But to initialise my form I have to know all the different properties' default values. So I'm looking for a way to find all the properties' default value. Thanks for helping
  5. Hi! I'm looking for a way to find the default values of all the properties when you don't put any value on it, a sort of list or whatever. thx for helping
  6. Hello, I don't find the documentation for the new MSCombi3D. thanks!
  7. Bug in entityDef

    Hi, In all maps, when my newId is equal to the internalId, the maps don't use the new sName and lName. For example: < entity internalId='002' newId='002' sName='Huh' lName='LoveFusionChart' / > (If I put a space between "<" and "entity" it's because i don't know how to quote code :Whistling: ) Have you a solution for me plz?
  8. Hi, when I'm using the rotateLabel's option for the fusionMap, I have some problems with my data labels. In fact the french specific characters (like