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  1. Hi Just about to go live with a new page using FusionMaps, and testing on various browsers. I have a similar problem to the one reported for charts; namely that when a user clicks on the map to open a window, it appears BEHIND the map instead of above. I managed to fix this 95% with z-index settings (IE and Firefox), but with Safarai browser (running on Windows) the fix does not work. I installed Flash 10.1 but it did not help. I am using the standard javascript to load the map on the page. What is the solution for this? The client uses a Mac so if it doesn't work on Safari, it doesn't work. Period. My FusionMaps project will be dead in the water! Thanks Clive
  2. Hi I havn't been able to figure out how to define the size of a standard marker. In this case the circle marker. How is this done? I guess it is simple when you know how. Thanks Clive
  3. Using more HTML in tooltips

    I haven't managed to get a 15x15 px icon to align to the left of the text. It comes out over the top of the tooltip text. Is it possible to make it float left and have the text wrap? Or alternatively, and perhaps with more predictable results, is it possible to set the background color of the tooltip to differentiate it from other tooltips? Thanks Clive
  4. I looked around the flash forums and decided to try setting the transparency. I added this line to the javascript: map.setTransparent(); and this did the trick, for Firefox 3.6.7 and Safari. Is this the right syntax? Thanks Clive
  5. I have a world map on an page, and a window that opens on clicking one of the regions. To make this a slick-looking window I am using Telerik RadWindow control to display content pulled from a database. All is perfect... except that where the window overlaps the map, it is in the layer behind the map. How can I set the z-index of the map so that this does not happen? Thanks Clive
  6. Hi folks Is there some way to get the Tooltip box that opens on mouseover to display an html page? I want to fetch the tooltip content from a database, based on a querystring attached to the url. IE: rather than having to click as well as mousover. Has anyone manged to make this work? Thanks Clive
  7. Hi I can see how to put england, scotland and wales (with counties) on the same page, but they would not be contiguous. I really want to have the whole uk with counties, with no 'sea' space between England Scotland and Wales. How do I do this? OK to leave Northern Ireland as part of the Ireland map. Thanks for your help Clive
  8. Thanks - that works, if I paste the link value into DATA tab 'Link' box
  9. I haven't seen ana answer to this. I guess it will be obvious when I see it. I have tried, in the xml output, <entity id='001' link='javascript:onClick="'', 'window_name','width=5 height=600'); return false;' /> but when I update the map it says 'invalid xml' What is the right way to do this? thanks Clive
  10. I want to have a map of the UK and Ireland on a single page, with counties as rollover elements. It looks like I would need to have separate maps of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland on the same page. Is this possible? Thanks for any hints on how to achieve this ( page) Clive