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  1. Linked Charts

    Thanks Sumedh for your quick reply. I have 15 graphs in a single page which i need to save them as images.i have attached the screen shot error and the source code of my webpage. This error message is specif only to production server where this application was hosted (Windows server 2003 Enterprise Edition service pack 2 ) Thanks, Kranthi.
  2. Scaling X Axis

    Thanks a Lot !!!!!
  3. Linked Charts

    Hi Fusion Team, On what scenario we get this error 'undefined' is null or not an object".Even i was facing this error when dowloading the graph images . Thanks, Kranthi
  4. Scaling X Axis

    Hi Fusion Team, Could you please help me for the above issue.
  5. Scaling X Axis

    Hi Team, Could you please let me know the issue with scaling X axis.I need to plot each and every date value in the X axis scale.(Attached image and xml for refence) Also could you please let me know how to increase the width of my image graph similar to the above image.when i show the label the widht is gettting decreased. Thanks Kranthi g.xml
  6. Primary And Seciondary Y Axis Values Plotting Issue

    Thank You Bindhu This solved my issue
  7. Primary And Seciondary Y Axis Values Plotting Issue

    Thank you But.... If i already set the yaxis scale to setAdaptiveYmin='1' setAdaptiveSYMin='1' ,how can i set yAxisMaxValue to a little higher value ? You mean to say setAdaptiveYmin='1' setAdaptiveSYMin='1' doest not work for thresholds ?
  8. Primary And Seciondary Y Axis Values Plotting Issue

    Thanks Sanjukta, For u r quick help ,but when i set the auto scale yaxis values , its does apply to my thresholds values they appear at top my plotting line.(Attached image)can you please provide the solution for this one as well
  9. Primary And Seciondary Y Axis Values Plotting Issue

    Thank you very much Sanjukta. This worked for me . Can you please also let me know how to set auto scale values for Yaxis and secondary Y axis instead of yaxisMinvalue and YaxisMaxvalue (SyAxisMinValue and SyAxisMaxValue as well)
  10. Hi All, Could some one please help me to figure out the issue .I could not plot the Both yaxis values.please refer the attached image and xml . Thanks Kranthi Source.xml