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  1. Y-Axis Labels sometimes rendered too tall and narrow

    Well, I have finally confirmed that my little test application resolves the map problem when using dataString instead of dataUrl. So, now I still need to convert my website so that it uses the new FusionCharts, the new FusionMaps, convert the maps to using dataString, and make some (hopefully minor) cosmetic changes to some of the data for the charts. But both problems are solved. Thanks.
  2. Y-Axis Labels sometimes rendered too tall and narrow

    Thanks for the reply. I will be testing a workaround solution that uses DataString and will update this thread. Unfortunately, it won't be until next week. Looking forward to your reply also.
  3. Y-Axis Labels sometimes rendered too tall and narrow

    I am using a Data URL and also XML format. Would it be better if I started a new topic for this issue? I also have a small Visual Studio project that I created that demonstrates the problem. Should I attach the project?
  4. Y-Axis Labels sometimes rendered too tall and narrow

    Hello? Is anybody still monitoring this topic?
  5. Y-Axis Labels sometimes rendered too tall and narrow

    Hello, I have upgraded FusionCharts to v3.4.1, and after some initial upgrade issues, I have confirmed that the original problem is resolved. However, I also upgraded FusionMaps to v3.4.1 at the same time, and I am now seeing a javascript error within fusioncharts.js whenever I try to reuse the same map more than once. I searched on the forums, and I am getting the same error as described in the following topic: Has anybody resolved that issue? Thanks.
  6. Y-Axis Labels sometimes rendered too tall and narrow

    Okay, trying again to attach RTF file.YAxisLabels.rtf
  7. Hello, I am using Fusion Charts version I am rendering a Multi-Series 3D Bar Chart. When there are two or more series, the Y-Axis labels appear okay. When there is only one in the series, the Y-Axis label is rendered very tall and narrow, which causes wrapping on non-space characters. Attached is a RTF file showing screenshots and XML. Can somebody tell me how to resolve this problem? Thanks.
  8. Labels Get In The Way Of Drilldown Link

    Thank you, Nimrod. This gives me hope.
  9. Labels Get In The Way Of Drilldown Link

    Here is the XML: <map showAboutMenuItem="0" aboutMenuItemLabel=" " showCanvasBorder="0" borderColor="000000" fillAlpha="80" showBevel="1" numberSuffix=" Searches" legendBorderColor="F1f1f1" hoverColor="F86508" legendPosition="bottom" fillcolor="FFFFFF" bgColor="eeeeee" caption="USA - 10572 Searches" captionPosition="top-center"><colorRange><color minValue="1" maxValue="299" displayValue="1-299" color="a5bff1" /><color minValue="300" maxValue="600" displayValue="300-599" color="5f8ee7" /><color minValue="600" maxValue="900" displayValue="600-899" color="2060d5" /><color minValue="900" maxValue="9999999" displayValue="900+" color="18429C" /></colorRange><data><entity id="CA" value="2717" link="javascript:changeMap("California");" /><entity id="TX" value="2271" link="javascript:changeMap("Texas");" /><entity id="NY" value="546" link="javascript:changeMap("NewYork");" /><entity id="FL" value="502" link="javascript:changeMap("Florida");" /><entity id="NC" value="361" link="javascript:changeMap("NorthCarolina");" /><entity id="MO" value="352" link="javascript:changeMap("Missouri");" /><entity id="IL" value="351" link="javascript:changeMap("Illinois");" /><entity id="CO" value="316" link="javascript:changeMap("Colorado");" /><entity id="NJ" value="298" link="javascript:changeMap("NewJersey");" /><entity id="WA" value="283" link="javascript:changeMap("Washington");" /><entity id="PA" value="274" link="javascript:changeMap("Pennsylvania");" /><entity id="MA" value="245" link="javascript:changeMap("Massachusetts");" /><entity id="IN" value="169" link="javascript:changeMap("Indiana");" /><entity id="MI" value="167" link="javascript:changeMap("Michigan");" /><entity id="OH" value="154" link="javascript:changeMap("Ohio");" /><entity id="IA" value="142" link="javascript:changeMap("Iowa");" /><entity id="WI" value="114" link="javascript:changeMap("Wisconsin");" /><entity id="MD" value="111" link="javascript:changeMap("Maryland");" /><entity id="OR" value="86" link="javascript:changeMap("Oregon");" /><entity id="HI" value="70" link="javascript:changeMap("Hawaii");" /><entity id="OK" value="68" link="javascript:changeMap("Oklahoma");" /><entity id="GA" value="67" link="javascript:changeMap("Georgia");" /><entity id="AL" value="63" link="javascript:changeMap("Alabama");" /><entity id="NE" value="63" link="javascript:changeMap("Nebraska");" /><entity id="NV" value="61" link="javascript:changeMap("Nevada");" /><entity id="VA" value="57" link="javascript:changeMap("Virginia");" /><entity id="DE" value="56" link="javascript:changeMap("Delaware");" /><entity id="NH" value="55" link="javascript:changeMap("NewHampshire");" /><entity id="CT" value="47" link="javascript:changeMap("Connecticut");" /><entity id="MN" value="47" link="javascript:changeMap("Minnesota");" /><entity id="ND" value="47" link="javascript:changeMap("NorthDakota");" /><entity id="AR" value="41" link="javascript:changeMap("Arkansas");" /><entity id="AZ" value="36" link="javascript:changeMap("Arizona");" /><entity id="LA" value="36" link="javascript:changeMap("Louisiana");" /><entity id="MS" value="36" link="javascript:changeMap("Mississippi");" /><entity id="AK" value="34" link="javascript:changeMap("Alaska");" /><entity id="ID" value="33" link="javascript:changeMap("Idaho");" /><entity id="UT" value="28" link="javascript:changeMap("Utah");" /><entity id="ME" value="27" link="javascript:changeMap("Maine");" /><entity id="SC" value="25" link="javascript:changeMap("SouthCarolina");" /><entity id="KS" value="24" link="javascript:changeMap("Kansas");" /><entity id="NM" value="19" link="javascript:changeMap("NewMexico");" /><entity id="TN" value="18" link="javascript:changeMap("Tennessee");" /><entity id="RI" value="15" link="javascript:changeMap("RhodeIsland");" /><entity id="VT" value="15" link="javascript:changeMap("Vermont");" /><entity id="WY" value="13" link="javascript:changeMap("Wyoming");" /><entity id="WV" value="5" link="javascript:changeMap("WestVirginia");" /><entity id="DC" value="4" link="javascript:changeMap("DistrictOfColumbia");" /><entity id="KY" value="3" link="javascript:changeMap("Kentucky");" /><entity id="MT" value="0" link="" /><entity id="SD" value="0" link="" /></data><styles><definition><style type="animation" name="animX" param="_xscale" start="0" duration="1" /><style type="animation" name="animY" param="_yscale" start="0" duration="1" /><style type="animation" name="animAlpha" param="_alpha" start="0" duration="1" /><style type="shadow" name="myShadow" color="FFFFFF" distance="1" /></definition><application><apply toObject="PLOT" styles="animX,animY" /><apply toObject="LABELS" styles="myShadow,animAlpha" /></application></styles></map> Thank you.
  10. Hello, I am using a map of the USA, with each state containing a link to a drilldown map of that state. I am finding that the 2-character state labels on the USA map get in the way of the drilldown links. In other words, I can click anywhere on a state and the drilldown works, except when I click directly over a label. When I click on a label, the drilldown link does not work. This becomes a problem for the small states on the east coast, especially Connecticut, because the label is positioned directly on top of the state, and it covers virtually the entire state. Is there any way to mitigate this problem, short of removing the labels altogether? I had tried to assign an html string "<a href='my drilldown link'>My Label</a>" to the <entity> displayValue attribute, but this didn't seem to work. In fact, the special characters caused the map to generate an error. I'm sure if I encoded the string, it would just display the html instead of treating it as a link. Thanks for any help.