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  1. Hello, I have a Ajax PopupControl on the same page as my Fusion real-time chart. When Ever i click to get my popup control, it hides behind the chart, instead of showing up on it. Is there any way for chaning this? Dshah
  2. Hi i also had the same requirement. This can only be achieved by editing the xml u sent to the chart dynamically from code behind whenever there is such a need. If you need more details, feel free to get back to me. Dshah
  3. Hello, I have a real-time line chart rendered. I need to change add/remove datasets or change the name for datasets etc. So for eg if a user selects a different name for dataset from a drop down list, from c# code behind I try to edit the XML file which my real-time chart is using like this. XElement channelfile = XElement.Load(@"C:Data.xml") ; XElement channel = channelfile.Element("dataset");channel.SetAttributeValue( "seriesName", ddchannel.SelectedItem.Text);channelfile.Save( @"C:Data1.xml");after this what i see is, XMl does get changed but the realtime chart doesnt reflect any changes. How can i force the chart to read this edited XML? Disha