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  1. Percentage Of Sales And Dollar Amount

    Thanks! I was looking at a few workarounds similar to this with toolText or other ways to display the info. This may work out. We'll try it! Thanks again! John
  2. Tooltip Display

    That's what I figured after looking at the code. Thanks!
  3. Tooltip Display

    On a 2D Column Chart, is there any way to have the toolText contained in a ToolTip display permanently, without having to hover over the column? THANKS!!!
  4. Percentage Of Sales And Dollar Amount

    Angie, Thanks for the response, and thanks for the 'welcome'. (Actually I'm not new to it though, I had to create a new login when the forum format changed a while ago) Unless I'm missing something, the Prefix and Suffix will only add a Prefix and Suffix to the same number, won't it? I actually need two separate values on the same column, one a percent and the other a dollar value (i.e. 65% and $35,500) Did I miss something, or is there another way to do this? Thanks again!
  5. Is there a way to have a 2D column chart using percentage as the y axis display the percent value on the column ALONG WITH a dollar amount? My client wants to see the percentage attained to goal along with the actual dollar amount. See attached for a comp of what I'm talking about. Thanks a ton for any information!
  6. How to/Request for Multi-Axis line chart

    I tried your suggestion and it works great... except making the color the same as the background makes it a bit difficult to see on the chart and since I need seven sets of data, a bunch of light color lines is difficult to see. Thanks again for your time! John MALine1.xml
  7. How to/Request for Multi-Axis line chart

    Madhumita, Thanks for the reply and the suggestion! I will give it a try. Another quick question... are there any other of the charts or graphs that allow a user to turn on and off individual sets of data? I have looked through our set (we have all of the charts, widgets, power charts and maps) and I didn't see anything else. Have a great day and thanks again! John
  8. How to/Request for Multi-Axis line chart

    It's funny and unfortunate... I was looking for the exact same features. I desperately need to be able to turn off the unneeded axis(s) have a single y-axis, and move the check boxes to below the chart. I was happy to find exactly what I was looking for and disappointed there wasn't a fix. Keep all of us informed. Signed, Anxiously-awaiting;)
  9. I've placed two of the same Angular Gauges on the same html page and one doesn't display on Windows (IE6 or Firefox 3) but it both display properly on the Mac in Firefox and Safari. Any ideas? I've tried sizing them way down and that didn't help. I've also duplicated the swf file and given it another name and that didn't help either. Thanks!!! John