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  1. Mvc Chart Extensions

    Hi Dane, your MVC Chart Example is helpful for me. Can you please send your complete example MVC-FusionChart project with filters change to boris.pugach(at)ip-connect.de ? Kind regards Boris
  2. Hi, we have a few issues with MSStackedColumn2D and hopefully someone has a good idea: 1. LegendItemClicked In our example (http://jsfiddle.net/t23ee/1/) we have multiple repeated series and the click on the legenditem should hide/show ALL series with the same seriesname. How could we access the series-object of the chart? Is there any Solution? 2. customizing legend Is it possible to switch the legend from Series to something else? We would like to show the name of the stack ("yesterday" with a blue icon and "today" with an orange icon). Maybe we can add some more legends? 3. customize, formatting showsum (stackLabels) Is it possible to change or format the sum for a stack with another value / data? For example we include an Highchart-jsfiddle (see below): there´s a formatter-object to overwrite the output the stackLabel. 4. customize, formatting tooltip and pointclick (events) In FusionCharts the tooltip and pointlink have to be attributes of the data-element. Is there a simplier way around, for example like defining an event or trigger, that has acces to all properties of related points, series, categories? Because that way it´s blowing up the data-elements in the sourcecode, the size of JSON-data increases exponentially. Our demo-Chart with FusionCharts: http://jsfiddle.net/t23ee/1/ Please have a look at our Highchart-example: http://jsfiddle.net/jbVUn/4/ Feel free to contact me. Kind regards Boris