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  1. Increase size of bar in scrolling charts

    Thank you. It solved my problem.
  2. I have a chart with lots of data. So I am trying to use a scroll chart. The problem is the category names are cut even with scroll chart. I cannot use slant labels because my labels are very big and the size of the chart is reduced. Can we incease the size of the bar a little bit so the category name is not printed like ab cd ef gh it would be better if it printed like abcd efgh Thanks
  3. Data Label in multiple lines

    hello, I'm trying to show my data label in 2 lines in a Bar 2D chart because my labels are very big and so the chart size becomes small.The example in the documentation doesn't work, the error message is: Invalid XML Data. I am using it in JSP ,but iam creating the xml in the backend which is java. I tried URL encoding the '&' . I tried dataURL method. It does not help. Thanks