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  1. Hello Fusioncharts Support, I have a Dashboard application that displays six different Fusioncharts. With Flash the rendering is really slow. Can you suggest a way by which this can be speeded up. Is there a way that the .swf files are not downloaded everytime the chart is rendering..if that can speed up the process Other option is I want to render using javacript charts so that it is faster. I am using the following code.FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); However, the javascript chart look way different than the Flash ones. For a 2DPie chart, I am setting the following properties enableSmartLabels = "1"; smartLineThickness="2"; smartLineColor="333333"; isSmartLineSlanted="0"; However, when I use javscript charts, it dies not show any of smart lines or labels All labels are inside the pie chart and they are overlapping. Also, I am using MSCombi3D.swf for a combination chart and that looks very way when displayed using javascript. They all look good with Flash but it is very slow. Please let me know: 1. Is there a way to speed up the Falsh Charts 2. Also, how can the javascript charts look the same as Flash and show all the smartlines and labels Thanks, --Monika