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  1. Hello all, Nice job you are doing with this charts I have a problem though: can someone explain me how can i insert a trend-line in my XML structure ? I have the following structure (the XML is generated for the Line 2D Chart): <graph param="value" param="value" param="value"> <set name="01" value="66.1528" hoverText="text" color="B4F974"/> <set name="02" value="13.3" hoverText="text" color="264FCB"/> <set name="03" value="13.3" hoverText="text" color="BD6938"/> ... <set name="31" value="66.1528" hoverText="text" color="B4F974"/> </graph> where and how should i insert the trend-line code in order for it to show on my graph ? Thank you in advance. (btw, the [ code ] and [ / code ] does not strip < and > )