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  1. Adding a separate function and then grabbing the handle worked. Thanks
  2. Arindam, Thank you for the quick response. It's not clear to me how I can do setData. Here a link to the relevant parts of my code: I suspect that my problem is that myChart, which is what I'm using to setDataURL() and render(), is not the same object that I need access to in my onKeyUp event that would allow me to setData. If that is true, how do I get access to the right object in my onKeyUp event? Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I am trying to create a password strength meter using an Anguar chart. So far, I'm unsuccessful, and I've conceded that I don't understand what is happening with FC. I have a password field, and with each keystroke the user types, it submits that input to a javascript function that returns an integer value representing the password strength. I then want to take that integer, and pass it to the dial in my Angular chart. I though this would be very simple, but it turns out it isn't, at least for me. It seemed that feedData would do the trick, but I get the infamous no such function error equivalent when I try to call it from within an onKeyUp event. I do have the flag set to expose the chart to JavaScript. I understand that the FC_ functions are called when the chart is rendered, updated, etc. However, when a user types in a character into a password field, this does not trigger the FC_ events. So I guess my question is, how do I get a handle to my chart in this password field's onKeyUp event? An alternative that I was able to accomplish was to make it re-read the source data URL each time the user types a key, but this is terribly slow and ugly. I would like only the dial value to be changed with each keystroke. Thanks for any help.