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  1. Pass Parameter

    +2. We want to do the same. We have multiple sites and are having to create a set of reports for each site rather than one set of reports that expects the user name so SQL will return the specific data for the user. This would be a very significant time savings.
  2. We are trying to determine how to use collabion to design dynamic reports and charts for multiple facilties that each have their own users. We can't find a way to request specific information from SharePoint such as: Current User URL etc. If we can pull the user information somewhow, we can design one set of master charts that will work for all of our facilities. Thanks, Jason
  3. Group & Drilldown Rounding

    Kumar, The issue appears to be that Collabion rounds data that is returned as follows: Facility ADC Month Year 12 14.12
  4. Group & Drilldown Rounding

    The steps outlined cause the data to be rounded to the nearest integer value. The source data is decimal. How do we make the tool stop changing the decimal values to integers? For example, the data for February is: 2011: 7.09 and 2012: 7.46. Both are displayed on the graph and on the mouseover (seen on the graph) as 17 even though they are signifianctly different values. If we can't make it stop rounding, we will have to use a different chart tool as 7.09 and 7.46 are significanlty different.
  5. Group & Drilldown Rounding

    It might help if I explain what we are trying to do. We are returning the following values from a SQL database: Month, Year, and ADC. We want the X axis to show Month and the Y axis to show ADC (2 digit decimal value). We want to show 2 series of data (current year and previous year). The only way we could figure out how to do this was with a multi-series chart group x axis by month, show distinct values of year, and max of ADC. This did not sound correct but it was the only way we could figure out how to display a bar chart with the years as series. The problem is that ADC is rounded to an integer rather than a decimal for some reason. If there is another way to do this, please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Group & Drilldown Rounding

    Please see attached CollabionIssue.pdf
  7. Group & Drilldown Rounding

    Please see attached CollabionIssue.pdf
  8. Hi, We are experiencing issues with our charts automatically updating when data for a new year is entered into the source database. We are using mutli series bar charts with SQL as a datasource. We wrote our SQL in such a way that it would emcompass a rolling 24 month's worth of data. The data is grouped by month on the x axis and the series is grouped by year. Once users enter data for the next year, a new series is not created unless we manually edit each of the reports and go to the group and drilldown tab and click apply. Once we click apply the reports work correctly. How can we have the user's data in the database automatically update the reports as expected? Thanks, Jason
  9. Please help! We are having issues with the group&drilldown functionality rounding our data. We are trying to display ADC (average daily census) grouped by Month and Year in a multi series bar graph. The intent is for the X axis to display the month, the Y axis to display the ADC (value), and the year to be two different series (2012 and 2011). All appears to be working correctly but we can't make the ADC stop being rounded. When we enable the group by, the grouped data preview shows the rounded data. If we drop the group by and just show one years worth of data then it is not rounded. Thank you for your help. Jason