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  1. Hey everyone, This issue concerns the SparkColumn.swf and FireFox 3.0.4 on "OS X 10.5". I have a table with 30 rows. Each row has 2 SparkColumns. The problem is that in Safari, IE, Camino, it works correctly. But in FireFox it will only render the SparkColumns that are in the active view area. Charts that are created that need to be scrolled to view are just a white square. No information loads into them. Where it gets weird is that if I view the source, everything loads correctly. And if I then scroll down and refresh. The charts that didn't appear before, are now showing properly and the charts above that were working before are now white squares. I tried turning the Debug Mode on and as long as the chart is in the main area and viewable, the debug window pops up. If it is outside the viewable window, it is still just a white square. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the code I am using to load the data: (the URL was inserted to remove the test sites address) Thanks!
  2. Calling javascript functions ..

    I am trying to call a javascript function and am having some difficulties. The call should look like: a href="javascript:void loadTab('div_name','link')" The problem is the apostrophe's when I pass the variables to loadTab. I tried URLENCODING them and doing different things but it keeps saying invalid XML. Even when I use " and try escaping them " it still doesn't work. Here are my calls with URLENCODE and without: WITH: javascript:void loadTab('chart_point_info','http://localhost/Test/Show/1017/') I get an error message of "Invalid XML Data". My debug message is: INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. ERROR: Invalid XML encountered. An XML element is malformed. Check the XML data that you've provided. If you've special characters in your XML (like %, &, ' or accented characters), please URL Encode them. WITHOUT: javascript%3Avoid+loadTab%28%27chart_point_info%27%2C%27http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2FTest%2FShow%2F1017%2F%27%29 Same error message as above. Any help on how to call this javascript function would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. [uPDATE] I should also say that I am calling the data using setDataXML. I believe that is why I am having issues with the apostrophe and quotes.