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  1. hii, i want to give option to user at run time to select , in which mode he wants to render the chart in Java script or in Flash . Thanks in advance .
  2. Charts Do Not Display In Ie9

    hii, i am also facing this problem previously , after i get it resolved try to remove width from chart container id . and try to incorporate this function , may be this will help you if not please write me back .. ////inside java script function getBrowser() { if( navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Chrome") != -1 ) { hangeheightOfChartContainer(); return "Chrome"; } else if( navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera") != -1 ) { return "Opera"; } else if( navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE") != -1 ) { return "IE"; } else if( navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox") != -1 ) { changeheightOfChartContainer(); return "Firefox"; } else { return "unknown"; } } getBrowser(); function changeheightOfChartContainer() { document.getElementById("chartContainer").style.height = null; } ////////in HTML -- <div id="chartContainer" style="height:100%">PowerCharts XT will load here!</div>
  3. or is this possible to remove tooltext box ??
  4. hi every one , i am able to show image on tooltext but it is coming outside the tooltext box , i don't know why this box is coming , and how to align image center or left in tooltext . please help . i am attaching the screen shots please look in to this . Thanks in advance .
  5. i got my answer , in dragnode chart we need to add enableLink='1' . thanks
  6. hi i want clickable functionality for drag node chart for bar charts it is working fine but when i am applying the same code for dragnode chart its not working. please help me on this is it possible to make dragnode chart as clickable ?? thanks
  7. hi i want clickable functionality for drag node chart for bar charts it is working fine but when i am applying the same code for dragnode chart its not working . please help me on this . thanks
  8. Hi, I am using network chart , when i am trying to export it , capturing data dialogue box coming but after 99% it get st-tucked even this save option is coming but screen is st-tucked with the capturing data dialogue box .please help me on this why its showing the strange behavior
  9. hi, when i am trying to save my network chart as a pdf its giving me some error , but in jpeg format or png it is converting not in pdf here i am attached error trace code , if any one having any idea about this error or why its coming please post here thanks
  10. hi everyone i want to show image in tooltip but in json , in xml it is coming fine but in json format image is not coming. here i am attaching two images one for xml (tooltip with xml in which image is coming). 2. for json(tooltip with json in which image is not coming instead of image,internal code is displaying) thanks in advance
  11. Tooltext Image

    hii everyone, i want to add image in tooltext in dragnode chart .if there is any way to add image in tooltext or any one can guide me about this . i attached a sample picture here in which some text is coming in tooltext instead of text i want to show some image on mouse over thanks
  12. Drag Node Chart Legend Hiding

    Thanks Sumedh for giving your time , I am able to create the levels and also level hiding but i am stucked with , when i hide level two all the connectors of it should also hide , but in my case all the connectors are hiding only when i am hiding level 1, in my case i gave three data set and i gave three series DS1,DS2,DS3, but when i am hiding DS1 it is hiding all the levels here i attached a pdf for this also please check it out. FusionCharts with out any level hide.pdf FusionCharts with level1 hide.pdf
  13. Drag Node Chart Legend Hiding

    Hope it is clear for you all , if any one want more specification on this , please reply me back i will provide as soon as possible. Thanks
  14. Hi , I want to know how connectors and Interactive legends are working in dragnode chart, I wanted to hide all the connectors on hiding the respective node like If node 1 is connected to node 5,6,7,6 which comes in data series DS1. node 2 (comes in data series 2 ) is connected to node 5,1,6 ( DS2), now when i click on Legend : DS1 it should hide all the nodes of DS1 (1,5,6,7) and all the connectors between them and when i click on Legend :DS it should hide all the nodes of DS2(2) and all the connectors of it . if any one can tell how this connector and legend thing is working in power chart , and any kind of help related to this is acceptable ) Thanks