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  1. Hi, I am new to fusion charts I would like to have a chart (bar chart) in my website. I would like to create a form with the following options tobe put in a page in my website which users can fill. • States • Cities • Amount • Category After a user enters the information as mentioned above andafter clicking on the submit button. I want a textbox in the same page to addup the total amount entered by individual users visiting my website and showhow much amount has been entered. this should never get deleted. Also, want to have a bar chart in the same page showing thefirst 4 cities, states and categories selected by visitors visiting my website.This has to be in % wise. Even this should never get deleted. “ Idea behind this is I want to create a website where users can discuss theirstories of how and when they have paid bribe. To make my website forinteractive, I want users to fill a form with the options mentioned above.After the user enters the information, the same has to be shown in the form ofbar chart. “ Thanking you inadvance for helping me with the code required to create this form.