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  1. Save as JPEG/PDF/PNG not working

    Thanks Srividya and thanks Rajroop problem fixed
  2. Hi Srividya, Will these new jars fix my problem? :crying:
  3. Thanks Rajroop :satisfied:
  4. Hi Experts, I want to use a solid color for the bars in Column 2D chart instead of the default color palettes (color fading towards the bottom). is it possible to do so? another question, Can I get rid of vertical and horizontal division lines in the background of chart?
  5. Save as JPEG/PDF/PNG not working

    Hi Srividya, I emailed you the required files.
  6. Hi Experts, Can someone please help me out with getting the save as image and pdg thing to work in my application. After the data capture mode, I am only seeing a blank FCExporter.jsp. Check everypath and settings multiple times.
  7. Column 2D

    Thanks Rajroop
  8. save as PDF and image on jsp

    Srividya, I am facing the exact same issue Ravi is facing
  9. Column 2D

    Hi folks, I was wondering if there is any way we could show a threshold value (something like value to achieve) in Column 2D chart. I know one way to do it is with Trendlines. I am displaying monthly data with x-axis depicting the months. Different months have different goals(value to achieve) and a single trendline wont help in this case. Is there any chart that could help me out?
  10. Hi Srividya, I only get a blank console when I try to save a chart. Though for the two pages which are under webapp root, I get the following console output on saving the image: Using EntityManagerFactory 'entityManagerFactory' for OpenEntityManagerInViewFilter Returning cached instance of singleton bean 'entityManagerFactory' Opening JPA EntityManager in OpenEntityManagerInViewFilter Jul 17, 2009 10:13:44 AM com.fusioncharts.exporter.generators.ImageGenerator getChartImage INFO: Creating the Chart image Jul 17, 2009 10:13:45 AM com.fusioncharts.exporter.generators.ImageGenerator getChartImage INFO: Image created successfully
  11. Hey Rajroop, I really appreciate your help bro. Please do let me know if you find something else to try.. I really need a fix @ Srividya, Address is coming up as localhost:8080/analytics/FCExporter.jsp I havent touched the structure of webapp you sent me.
  12. Hi Rajroop, So now I am on Flash 10 .. and still the same result on IE: after data capturing, I see a blank FCExporter.jsp on FF: after data capturing, I see FCExporter.jsp with all its code
  13. Hi Rajroop I dont think upgrading would make any difference. Because I can see charts on my website, just that save functionality isnt working @ Srividya, i made a new folder in the root called saved. and in the properties file, i changed /images to /saved
  14. Hi Srividya, I did check the folder. Nothing is being saved.. moreover after this change... even the FF save stopped working(I did change the option in the XML)
  15. @ Sudipto, I guess I have all the plugins. Srividya has helped me a lot in past few days, and only with her help I got where I am right now but today, after trying to save it on the server, even the regular save on fireFox stopped working