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  1. Gantt Chart - Milestones Are Not Showing Up In Exported Image

    Any updates?
  2. I am trying to export the Gantt chart on the server , everything works fine except i do not see milestones in exported image. When i render the same chart on screen it shows milestone. Here is XML for chart <chart caption = 'Fire Authority' subCaption='Timeline' dateFormat='mm/dd/yyyy' caption='Timeline' exportEnabled='1' exportFileName='64_Timelinechart' exportShowMenuItem='1' exportAction='save' exportHandler='http://server/FusionCharts/FCExporter.php' exportFormats='PNG=Export as PNG'> <categories font='6'> <category start='12/01/2012' end='12/31/2012' label='Dec/12'/> <category start='01/01/2013' end='01/31/2013' label='Jan/13'/> </categories> <processes isBold='1' align='left' width='10'><process label='T4'/> <process label='T2'/> <process label='T1'/> <process label='T3'/> </processes> <tasks> <task start='12/14/2012' end='12/14/2012' id='T4'/> <task start='12/27/2012' end='12/29/2012' id='T2'/> <task start='12/28/2012' end='12/28/2012' id='T1'/> <task start='12/30/2012' end='12/31/2012' id='T3'/> </tasks> <milestones> <milestone date='12/14/2012' taskId='T4' shape='diamond' color='FF5904' radius='7' /> <milestone date='12/28/2012' taskId='T1' shape='diamond' color='FF5904' radius='7' /> </milestones> </chart> Am i missing something? Thanks