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  1. HI I am using your product on behalf of Excelacom and iam finding it as a good product but iam in need of feature called vertical scoll in all the fusion charts in specific GANTT CHART please inform me in which release this feature will be added because iam having 10000 data to be viewed in the gantt chart please add this feature. I came to know from the forum that in V4 this feature will be present if so when will we be getting this feature. iam having a licensed version of the fusion charts. Thanks and Regards, Manikanta Prasad.B
  2. moving the task in gantt chart

    will it can be accomplished if so pls tel me thanks and regards mani
  3. moving the task in gantt chart

    is it possible to drag the task in gantt chart and move it above to change the sequence ie in the gantt chart x axis is months and y axis is data like (1000000004) and in the tasks there are 4 task called t1,t2,t3,t4 is it possible to change the sequence of the task as t2 t1 t3 t4 or any sequence by moving the tasks up and down in the gantt chart swf file so that the sequence can be changed and view will be changed .
  4. tool tip in axis

    hi Since my value in x axis is big its viewing improperly my data is i want to show all the x axis in the tool tip with some constant data to be in view Can u pls hep on this Thanks
  5. percentage in bar chart

    Hi Rahul Thanx for ur help will that give me the calculated percentage value or i will prefix the percentage in the values
  6. percentage in bar chart

    hi is it possible to show percentage value in bar charts
  7. save as image in fc

    will setdataURL works with the save as image
  8. is it possible to get the charts from pdf?

    hi can u tel me how to export the saved image into pdf
  9. save image in fusion charts

    added to that the save as image is working but the pop up block is enabled asking to download the file but if iam clicking it the page gets refreshed so i cant download please help for this too
  10. save image in fusion charts

    if iam having the fla of the swf can i decode the method please tel me the procedure i have the enterprise edition of the fusion charts with the fla source please tel me how to decode this method
  11. save image in fusion charts

    hi fusion charts team saveAsImage() method will be in which file iam in fusioncharts v3 enterprise version i cant find it in fusion charts.js so please help me
  12. hi fc team i having a procedure which will get rthe input as year date and the interval type but in my drill down chart i want to call that procedure so pls help me b.manikantaprasad
  13. hi fusion charts team can u pls post one sample code for passing the parameters in the fusion charts drill down pls give one example thank u B.MANIKANTAPEASAD
  14. hi buddy iam new to tihis fusion chart i want to pass parameters for the drill down chart to the backend handler and i want it by jsp and js can u help me with a sample sa u gave b4

    hi i want it with the jsp with java scripts not with asp can u pls post the demo for it