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  1. How to center annotations?

    Here is my XML and a screenshot. The chart is displayed in a panel that can be resized. The gauge is always centered, but the annotation does not move. I tried using a '50%' for xPos and yPos for the annotation, but that didn't work. chartxml.xml
  2. I'm trying to center an Angular Gauge that has circle annotations that give it a bezeled look. I have found that I can center the gauge itself by setting gaugeOriginX="50%" and gaugeOriginY="50%". But, I cannot figure out how to center the annotations to move along with the gauge when the area is resized. The only thing I can think to do is, on a resize event, determine the new width and height and modify the chart XML xPos and yPos attributes to center the annotations programmatically. [Yuck]
  3. I've been trying to use a Gantt chart to display just a table. It works just fine, but I've got a problem when I use a scaleMode of exactFit. As you can see in the attached screenshot, when the chart starts to get wider the bottom pixels of the text get cut off. It would be great if the fontsize of the text adjusted properly for the available space in the column but, at least, the text should not be cut off. I've attached the screenshot, the sample XML, and the HTML (as a .txt file). Any help or advice will be appreciated. gantt_test.txt gantt.xml
  4. We are having the exact same problem on one of our laptops. Was a solution or workaround ever found?