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  1. Turn off axis labels via JS

    Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion in my JavaScript and it didnt change anything. I know about the showLabels attribute in the xml file. I would like to turn it on and off client side via JavaScript. Im starting a fusion chart from JavaScript: < script type="text/javascript"> var targetElement = document.getElementById("HiddenField"); var overallChart = new FusionCharts("Area2D.swf", "ChartId", "650", "200", "0", "1"); overallChart.setDataXML(targetElement.value); overallChart.showLabels='1'; <---------------- This does not turn on the Labels. overallChart.render("overall_chart"); < /script>
  2. Im using the Line Chart. Is there a way to turn on and off the labels on an axis? I have a JavaScript onclick function associated with a text link near a small chart. When clicked it re-renders the selected chart in the larger DIV at the top of the page. in the JS I am setting a new width and height and calling render().