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  1. JSON format

    Yes, I'd like to see JSON support as well.
  2. Auto resize problem

    That will also cause the animation to restart. There isn't a JS call to resize? This site for example, resizes well, without funky zooming... found via: Maybe real resizing can be a future feature.
  3. Auto resize problem

    you mean that i should remove the object/embed tag from the html dom and recreate it with different parameters?
  4. How can I resize chart in javascript??

    I have the same question!
  5. Auto resize problem

    How do you resize a chart already displayed in pixels then? (From a webpage using JS)
  6. Detailed world map

    Yes, I have a flash based world map that shows all countries at once: It would be nice if I could use your chart stuff to do something similar. Its been a while since I did this flash thing...