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  1. Attribute Caption On All Elements

    Oh, thanks Angshu for the information ^^
  2. Caption On Gauge Chart

    Radis. Actually I was using Logo URL property to dynamically generate titles. Your solution is much cleaner and easier. Thank you very much. I hope that one day FusionWidgets can implement the attribute "caption", since using the exporter the names on the box take them from there. Right now the exporter shows me "CharImage 0", "CharImage 1", etc. In any case, I posted in requirements forum. Thanks again!
  3. Hi. Can you implement the Caption attribute on all Fusion Widgets charts? Rencently, I use charts and the caption isn't implemented. In the exportation (as the caption is not implemented) the name are very useless. I attach an image. Thanks you for this great product !.
  4. Caption On Gauge Chart

    Thanks you for the information ^^
  5. I use Fusion Charts and Fusion Widgets. In a gauge chart i need to put a title to the chart. In the documentation always see the caption atribbute in the xml but when i implement this the title don't show. This is very important when export the chart to know the data representation. Any help? Thanks.