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  1. Fusion Chart Version == 3.2 Sample Code: Loading JS Libraries: "<script type='text/javascript' src="/FusionCharts.debug.js'></script>" "<script type='text/javascript' src="/FusionChartsDOM.debug.js'></script>" "<script type='text/javascript' src='/FusionChartsExportComponent.debug.js'></script>" Calling Render Function from XML: var chart = new FusionCharts("./ScrollStackedColumn2D.swf", "ChartId", "971px", "500px", "0", "1"); chart.setDataXML(chartDesc+StrLegends+strCol1+strCol2+strCol3+strCol4+strCol5+"</chart>"); chart.render("chartdiv"); var ExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject("fcExporter1", "./FCExporter.swf", { fullMode: '0', defaultExportFilename: 'Campaign-Business Status',defaultExportFormat: 'PDF', height: '40', width: '80', showMessage: '0', btnWidth: '50',btnHeight: '20', btnFontSize: '10' }); Sample XML: <chart palette='4' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportShowMenuItem='0' showExportDialog='1' exportFileName='Campaign-Business Status' exportHandler='fcExporter1' caption=' # of Ideas in different status by Campaign / Business' xaxisName='Campaign / Line of Business' useRoundEdges='1' showValues='0' showSum='1' legendBorderAlpha='0'><categories><category label='APAC' /><category label='Asset Servicing' /><category label='Asset Servicing - AIS' /><category label='Audit' /><category label='BDS Global Clearance' /><category label='BDS US Tri-Party' /><category label='BNY Mellon Asset Management' /><category label='BNY Mellon Human Resources' /><category label='BNY Mellon Marketing & Corporate Affairs' /><category label='BNY Mellon Wealth Management' /><category label='BNYM Global Operations' /><category label='BNYMellon (India)' /><category label='Broker Dealer Services' /><category label='Business Testing' /><category label='Business Testing Change' /><category label='Campaign Test' /><category label='Campaign Testing 2' /><category label='Corporate Treasury, Finance & Cap Funding' /><category label='Depositary Receipts' /><category label='Derivatives Clearing' /><category label='EMEA - Asset Management' /><category label='EMEA - Asset Servicing' /><category label='EMEA - Asset Servicing Global Operations' /><category label='EMEA - Business Partners' /><category label='EMEA - Global Client Management' /><category label='EMEA - Global Operations' /><category label='EMEA - Other Functions/Businesses Not Listed' /><category label='Finance' /><category label='FMTS - Business Partners' /><category label='FMTS - Service Delivery' /><category label='FMTS Administration' /><category label='Global Client Management' /><category label='Global Corporate Trust' /><category label='Global Fund Accounting and Architecture' /><category label='Global Markets' /><category label='iNautix Technologies India' /><category label='Information Technology' /><category label='IT Transformation' /><category label='IT Transformation 2011-2012' /><category label='jam test23' /><category label='Operational Efficiency' /><category label='Pershing Limited (UK and Ireland)' /><category label='Pershing LLC' /><category label='Pune (India)' /><category label='Risk & Compliance' /><category label='Sales Time Initiative' /><category label='Shareowner Services' /><category label='Strategic Innovation Program' /><category label='Technology Standardization' /><category label='Test LOB for SSO Testing' /><category label='Test SSO Business' /><category label='Treasury Services' /><category label='Venkatesh' /><category label='(Not Categorized)' /></categories><dataset seriesname='Initial Review'><set value='2' /><set value='10' /><set value='5' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='6' /><set value='1' /><set value='5' /><set value='7' /><set value='20' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='3' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='2' /><set value='21' /><set value='12' /><set value='1' /><set value='2' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='2' /><set value='1' /><set value='8' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='8' /><set value='24' /><set value='2' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /></dataset><dataset seriesname='Business Review'><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='12' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='4' /><set value='31' /><set value='18' /><set value='0' /><set value='23' /><set value='5' /><set value='3' /><set value='5' /><set value='3' /><set value='0' /><set value='7' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='11' /><set value='4' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='7' /><set value='7' /><set value='13' /><set value='5' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='129' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='9' /><set value='65' /><set value='2' /><set value='52' /><set value='0' /><set value='7' /><set value='8' /><set value='59' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='0' /><set value='9' /><set value='4' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='57' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /></dataset><dataset seriesname='Approved / Idea Development'><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='9' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='5' /><set value='0' /><set value='34' /><set value='2' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='4' /><set value='0' /><set value='47' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='9' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='201' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='9' /><set value='54' /><set value='22' /><set value='6' /><set value='0' /><set value='5' /><set value='7' /><set value='73' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='96' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='3' /><set value='131' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /></dataset><dataset seriesname='Not Qualified / Duplicate'><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='2' /><set value='2' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='5' /><set value='3' /><set value='0' /><set value='8' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='4' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='4' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='13' /><set value='5' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='47' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='54' /><set value='61' /><set value='32' /><set value='11' /><set value='1' /><set value='43' /><set value='16' /><set value='107' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='6' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='5' /><set value='2' /><set value='22' /><set value='4' /><set value='1' /></dataset><dataset seriesname='Other'><set value='0' /><set value='3' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='9' /><set value='0' /><set value='5' /><set value='0' /><set value='4' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='4' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='5' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='10' /><set value='5' /><set value='1' /><set value='7' /><set value='0' /><set value='15' /><set value='0' /><set value='19' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='2' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='2' /></dataset></chart>
  2. We are using the Fusion Charts v3.2. The chart render perfectly in IE8, but in IE9 we get a JS error namely. "There was an error rendering the chart" FusionCharts.debug.js Code:0 Note: We did not make any chnages for the IE9 version. The same XML is being used for IE9 as well. Is there any compatibility issue with IE9? Is it we need to use a newer version of the Fusion Charts Base Script LIbrary? Please advise.