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  1. Thank you Rahul. Do you have an ETA of when this might be released? I need to provide some timescales to my users so they know when to expect this functionality. Thank you Christina
  2. Hello everyone, Did do a little search around the forums but cannot see a solution. I am currently using a trial version of Collabion Charts for SharePoint (we are in the process of purchasing licenses) Problem: When I edit a chart, under Other Settings > Hotspot Settings, I select the "Create the entire chart as a link to" option and input a Link URL. However, after applying the changes and selecting Finish, I go to test the chart, by clicking on it and it doesnt open the link in a new window. Instead it shows the data table. What I need to know, is this feature disabled in the trial version? If it isn't then what can be done to rectify the problem? Any assistance / advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Christina