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  1. Hi, I created a chart with Chart Type "Scroll Column 2D". Data provider is a SP List. The chart displays 2 series for the colums and goes over several months. I'cant display the months anywehre on the scroll chart. So, by scrolling users can't see wich month is now displayed. Please see Attachements. Thanks for Support
  2. Hi, I understand, Thanks for your help. Best regards
  3. Hi, Sorry for delay ! I don't understand, if column type is Date and Time I can't type in a month ? Best regards
  4. Hi, column type for month is "Choice" , and the 12 monthes are listed in the Choice-Window. If the column Type is DateTime users can't enter a month ? I attached the differents screenshots. ?I'm working in a german country, so: "Monat" = Month . Thanks for helping me !
  5. I DrillDown a MainChart in months, but the order in wich months appear on X-Axis isn't correct. Data Provider for the Chart is a SharePoint List. Please see screenshot at attachement. Thxs for help ...