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  1. JavaScript Calling Problem

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, I am not able to add the " to the javascript call. Since I am generating the xml in Java, I need to escape the " with " . When I generate the XML with such escape character, the gaph gives an error saying invalid data. Is there any other way I can achieve this. Regards, Rohit p.s: need to view source to see your reply. The page is not loading correctly.
  2. Hi, I am trying to generate a line chart with links, below is the XML for the chart I am trying to create. Now the javascript that I want to call is getting invoked, but the value that is being passed is not the one which is being shown in XML. This is very urgent for me, could you please help. Regards, Rohit
  3. Save image as not working

    This doesn't seem to be working with IE 8, keep getting the error "Object Doesn't support this property or method"
  4. Save image as not working

    Can anyone from fusion charts team answer this, coz this is important for me. Please let me know if this cannot be achieved and there is a bug or anything. Regards, Rohit
  5. I am trying to invoke the saveImage using java script, function saveChart(catId) { var chartId = "chart"+catId; var ch = getChartFromId(chartId); ch.saveAsImage(); } This doesn't seem to be working when I use the "createChartHTML" present in the FusionChart.jsp page, but the saveimage in the right click context menu is working. However if I use "createChart" method in the same file, it works, but I am scenario I need to use the html method, since they whole chart object comes in the AJAX response. Could you please tell me what I can do to archive this. Regards, Rohit