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  1. Hi, I am using Javascript to render the multiplechart.swf I am assigning random sample XML for data1-data4, but this is not relevant to the particular issue. All 4 individual XML pieces work fine and can export individually. myChart = new FusionCharts("MultipleCharts.swf",'myChartId',width,height,'0','1'); myChart.addVariable("xml1",data1); myChart.addVariable("xml2",data2); myChart.addVariable("xml3",data3); myChart.addVariable("xml4",data4); myChart.render('reportCardwhitegrid'); I am trying to find a way to export the whole screen as one item, not 4 separate ones.
  2. useRoundEdges breaks Save as Image

    I had to get one of the smart devs to set it, but I think the server param for Grails was Request.maxFormContentSize The server default was 200KB and I would get java.lang.IllegalStateException: Form too large 823463>200000 in the command line.
  3. I have 4 charts on my page that fill up the 4 quadrants of the window. I want to be able to print/export all the charts as they show on the screen. I have looked through the batch export examples, but there is no PRINT option. PDF export doesn't work for my client either, because its a 4 page PDF with 1 chart on each page. I got the bright idea to build a single fusionchart using MultipleCharts.fla, which is what you see above. This allowed me to send a generic printChart() command that gave me hope, even though it printed a solid black page behind the charts However, the MultipleCharts way does not work the same way as a single chart would. The methods are all missing ( such as exportChart() ). Can you advise the best way to proceed to achieve the above picture as a printout/PDF/image?
  4. useRoundEdges breaks Save as Image

    Just found out the issue - useRoundEdges is producing a request with data that was too large for the server settings, so it rejected it and returned null. We increased the max size and can now get all charts to save as image.
  5. I am using Line, Pie, and Column charts. "Save as Image" works great using FusionChartsSave.jsp for Line and Pie. Column charts are broken, however. After capturing image data from Column charts, a java.lang.NullPointerException is thrown if useRoundEdges='1'. If I change useRoundEdges to 0, then the image save will work fine.
  6. no matter what, my charts always display "About FusionCharts" on the context menu and the link to your website. showAboutMenuItem='0' aboutMenuItemLabel='anything' aboutMenuItemLink='http://anywhere.com' None of it changes anything for me. Any thoughts?
  7. Pie chart sometime shows a hairline

    Did anybody get this fixed yet? My pie chart has the same hairline. This screenshot is from 'Save Chart as Image', using your PHP FusionCharts class