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  1. Hi i am using MSLine chart .i want to defining the point color on individual points on the basis of ranges For ex: 1 if value is less than 50 then its should apprear in red color 2 if value is greater than 50 but less than 70 the it should apprear in yellow color 3 if value is greater than 70 then it should appear in green color can any one help me how to do ..
  2. xml number scale format

    Hi i already read this. its not like that what ever i want.?
  3. xml number scale format

    Hi Sir, can you tell me how to control the number scale format of the xml. now by default xml taking scale format .i want our own scale format according to our data set value. Is their any way how to do ? Please provide the solution as soon as possible.
  4. Hi may be some browser issue .i see many time if you are using Mozilla then check your browser version.some version of Mozilla does not support gantt chart. mozila 18 version does not support and mozila 20.01 support check this
  5. Export

    Hello sir i am try to export the chart through the onclick of the button.but i can not perform the export property.can you please provide the solution of this problem please find the attachment code of the data. my chart type:MSCombiDY2D.swf plz provide the solution as soon as possible. index.html sample.xml
  6. Overlay Property

    hi sir i am using custom javascript method in this method i have create so many drill down through linking chart property.i am also provide the proper linking in the parent chart .and also provide the rendering id of the chart.i am provide the linking in particular value.but i am using all drill down through this method its working fine but overlay property can not work...can you please provide the solution of this... thanks and regards sam
  7. Overlay Property

    Hi sir can you provide the solution of overlay button .i already post my code as soon as possible thanks and regards sam
  8. Two Chart In One Xml

    Hi Sir, Thanx a lot sir ji for reply
  9. Overlay Property

    Hi sir Please find the attached of drill down.i am using javascript.i want overlay button using through this method. thanks and regards sam
  10. Overlay Property

    Hi sir i already posted my code what i am using .but i am not able to do this can you please provide the proper solution of the overlay button. as soon as possible. Thanks and Regards sam
  11. Two Chart In One Xml

    Hi sir yes i know that i have done this thing but i want two chart in same div at the loading time not in different div can you please provide this solution ? Thanks and regards sam
  12. Overlay Property

    hi i am enable to used overlay property .my drill down first level working fine but i am not enable to used overlay property to go back parent i will do plz provide solution my code is this.. FusionCharts("chart").configureLink ( { swfUrl : "MSCombiDY2D.swf", overlayButton: { message: 'close', fontColor : '880000', bgColor:'FFEEEE', borderColor: '660000' } }, 0 ); can some one have example code of this please provide it? thanks and regards sam reddy
  13. Hi... i want to call two chart in one xml...How i call this??????????????????? i have one div here i show bar chart .i want to show more than one chart in same div with same i will do this... and this..please provide the solution as soon as Thanks and regards sam reddy