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  1. Hi, We received the PowerChartsXT update tagged as 3.3.1-release.19520 / PowerCharts XT(v3.3.1) (4th April, 2013) and the problem with the link attribute in candlestick was resolved, thank you very much. But now while testing I found out that same problem but in Kagi chart, I'm attaching the test case so you can reproduce it. I'm pretty sure that with the previous version (3.3.0) Kagi chart was ok, I'll test and let you know but for the time being the problem is present in 3.3.1. Thanks, Israel Trujillo JackBe
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there are news about this issue?? Also, How can we get the fixed version of the library whenever it is ready?? Thanks, Israel Trujillo JackBe
  3. Thank you for your promptly reply, I just downloaded the trial version from the website and inspecting the files (FusionCharts.*) I see that the version is 3.3.0, I replaced them in my example and the problem persists, in the JavaScript version the link is not working. Again, I'm attaching my updated example. Thanks, Israel Trujillo Software Engineer
  4. Hi, I was using the JavaScript version of the candlestick chart and tried to use the link attribute on the dataset's set element, I'm doing something simple as calling a function i.e. JavaScript:alert(0), but nothing happens when I click on the chart elements. If I change the renderer to be "flash" clicking over the chart elements works. I'm attaching a minimal example showing this problem. Also here you can se a video demonstrating the test case I'm attaching: The version I'm using from the Version.txt file is: PowerCharts XT - - Version History ========================================================================= Current Version: PowerCharts XT (v3.2.1 SR1) (Released on 1st November, 2012) ========================================================================= Version history PowerCharts XT(v3.2.1 SR1) (1st November, 2012): Thanks