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  1. Hi, how can I set the NLS or language or number format to german (DE) ? I handing over numbers that have commas as decimal separator. Setting the decimalSeparator attribute didnt help. Example value: <set value='5,6350' /> THanks for any hints.
  2. Callback In Insert/update Jquery Plugin?

    Basically I want to catch the event that is being thrown when the chart is finished loading / drawing.
  3. Hi, any progress on this one? It's getting urgent now. Thank you
  4. Hi, after a simple updateFusionChart call the id changes to this unpredictable value? Even setting the id specifically does not help. $("div[id$=" + containerID + "Body]").updateFusionCharts({"swfUrl": type, "renderer": "javascript" }); or this $("div[id$=" + containerID + "Body]").updateFusionCharts({ "id": oldChartId, "swfUrl": type, "renderer": "javascript" }); Any idea?
  5. Hi, is this implemented? I want to go on with other code AFTER these events have finished. Thanks!
  6. Hi, thanks for the proposal but this is really not helping much. My whole website and calls to FusionCHart are already in jQUery. I now want to add a change of type on the client side which is why I need to call the chart second time via the javascript variable. Or is there another way? Thank you.
  7. Hi, I'm getting this error in the FireBug console when I fire the function which loads the chart the second time. This is my code insde this function: if (FusionCharts(domID)) { $("div[id$=" + containerID + "Body]").children(':first').updateFusionCharts({ "dataSource": "../../" + parChart.getDataURL(), "dataFormat": "xmlurl" }); } else { $("div[id$=" + containerID + "Body]").children(':first').insertFusionCharts({ "id": domID, "swfUrl": type, "renderer": "javascript", "dataSource": "../../" + parChart.getDataURL(), "dataFormat": "xmlurl", "width": width, "height": height }); } My question is - how do I set the chart created by insertFusionCHart to a variable? It's possible without the jQuueryy plugin - but how do I do it now? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I use the updateFusionCharts jquery command to update data in a chart. The call however makes the chart look like loading ddata twice: First time the "old" data is "reanimated" and then after the new data is loaded the new data appears (animated). I would have expected the chart to show the "loading data" screen upon the event of updateFusionCharts. What am I doing wrong here? Thank you for any hints
  9. Line/bar Chart Not Showing Legend If Data Not Available

    Hi there, this does not make too much sense for me. Is there a attribute forceLegend or something. For my understanding there ARE values in the dataset - namely th <set> objects. So that shows the chart that the user wanted to show the series. Why not show the legend then? Let me explain: I would have to add a '0' value now to see the legend of the series. But that will make my values to show wrong. Its not what the data is! Any advice? Thank you