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  1. Chart Won't Display; Linux Debian

    Hey! I must have the latest version, downloaded it a week ago. I tried weekly-sales.html and chart_from_array.php <- this is from fusioncharts beginners book. I also read that the ejre for embedded java is not compatible with the raspbian distro for the rpi. Do I need java installed on the server to serve JavaScript php pages? Thanks again!
  2. Hi I have a LAMP stack running on a raspberry pi. I have copied the Includes and Charts folder to the /var/www/ directory and created a php demo file as explained in fusioncharts beginners guide. The page loads but the chart is not displayed, it says chart type not supported. I have tried the html and php examples but neither loads on windows or iPhone. The live examples from the fusioncharts website load without issue on either platform and I have other php / html files that work on the pi, so is there a setting I have to change on my server to allow fusioncharts to load? I don't get it :/ , can't wait to get past this hump! Thanks
  3. Linux Debian On Rpi

    Hi, I have Linux debian running on my pi and I am trying to view a fusionchart through php. I have a LAMP setup and can serve my previously made php pages without a problem, being able to view data from a mysql database. My goal is to view the database info through a line chart and widgets but for now I'd be happy to see the demo column3d chart working. I followed the fusioncharts beginners guide book to add the demo chart but could not get it to load. The .php page will display with the appropriate text on the browsers tab but the chart itself does not display. On my iphone, where the chart should be displayed, it says; Loading.. please wait, but nothing ever happens. On my windows laptop; it says chart not supported, even though I can view the live demo of the chart from the fusioncharts website. Do I need to install anything on debian to allow JavaScript to be served? Regarding debian with apache; when fusioncharts refers to the 'root of my application' to create 'Includes' and 'Charts' directory, would this be '/var/' or '/var/www/'? Thanks for any help!