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  1. Remove Anchor from Legend

    Dear FusionChart! How can I proceed to remove the Anchor from chart's line legend? I set the attribute DrawAnchors to 0 in Chart tag, but the legend was not change. When the chart has a lot of data plot lines, the anchor in legend disrupts the user to identify the corresponding line color. Thanks a lot!
  2. Multiline Tooltips ??

    The references of Datacolumn object was not find on List of Objects for the Gantt chart. I think that break line is not possible. :crying:
  3. Multiline Tooltips ??

    Hi Arindam, Do not exist the object name to uses in Style definition or any Wrap method? (Gantt Chart case) <styles> <definition> <style name='myHTMLFont' type='font' isHTML='1' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='DataTableLabel or DataColumnLabel' styles='myHTMLFont' /> </application> </styles> Regards Fabio Kfouri
  4. Multiline Tooltips ??

    Hi Arindam I work with the Gantt chart, and i tried with all examples in this and others topics to insert a break line in datatable labels. See below: <processes isBold='1' headerbgColor='0372AB' fontColor='0372AB' bgColor='FFFFFF' > <process Name='0170-00242' width='68' id='A' link='http://pc277595/cockpit/visibilidade.asp?Aviao=0170-00242' /> </processes> <dataTable showProcessName='1' nameAlign='left' fontColor='000000' fontSize='9' vAlign='right' align='center' headerVAlign='bottom' headerAlign='left' headerbgColor='4567aa' headerFontColor='ffffff' headerFontSize='9' > <dataColumn bgColor='eeeeee' headerText='Percent'> <text label='100' /> </dataColumn> <dataColumn bgColor='eeeeee' headerText='Fus'> <text label='20/06<BR>25/7'/> </dataColumn> <dataColumn bgColor='eeeeee' headerText='Paint'> <text label='20/07%26lt;BR%26gt;30/08'/> </dataColumn> <dataColumn bgColor='eeeeee' headerText='Wing'> <text label='15/8'/> </dataColumn> <dataColumn bgColor='eeeeee' headerText='M Final' > <text label='27/6'/> </dataColumn> <dataColumn bgColor='eeeeee' headerText='PPV'> <text label='18/7'/> </dataColumn> </dataTable> Could you please inform me where I