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  1. Hello, We are currently using FusionCharts Free with our ASP.NET webste, but we are interested in buying FusionChartsXT since it has more features in controlling charts. Before buying we have some notes regarding the implementation of FusionChartsXT, these are: 1- This is a sample of one of our charts: As you can see the numbers are interacting with each others, and we couldn't find any solution to this in Fusion charts free, we hope that we can have more control on this in FusionChartsXT so that the chart can be more clear to users. 2- Printing the whole page including the charts sometimes the chart do not appear. And most of times when printing the chart position changes in print preview and it's hard to control, we also hope that we can have more control in printing in FusionChartsXT. 3- Ability to view charts on mobiles,iphones,android, .. etc. Since FusionCharts Free was rendered in Flash, we couldn't view it on other systems that doesn't supports flash like IPhones. I believe we can solve this in FusionChartsXT if charts were rendered as JavaScript right? 4- We're kind of confused in purchasing the correct plan of FusionChartsXT, can you please clarify which of the plans would be suitable for us? We have an ASP.Net website hosted on GoDaddy.com, I think we only need the "Website" plan. That's all, thanks for providing this powerful and great tool