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  1. Sorting by another column

    Hi From Collabion Charts Version 2.0 we have added a new functionality which enables you to sort x axis of a chart based on some other column than the actual x axis column. For more details please visit Collabion documentation for 'Series Customization'
  2. Hi Darren, Please find below my comments - 1) On the X axis, I need to display every month in a specific range (i.e July'13 to Jun'15), even if there aren't any values in the the list for that month. - You can filter the date with 'In Between' filter and give a date range like 1st July, 2013 to 30th June, 2015. That will meet your first requirement. And if you want to show a blank value for the months which do not have any data - check "Include items whose data values are empty in the filtered column(s)" inside 'Filter Data' steps. 2) On the primary Y axis, I need to have the *cumulative* count of each record that has the date in that month or prior (i.e., 3 records have a date in July'13, 2 records have a date in Aug'13, so July'13 will show 3, and Aug'13 will show 5) as a line that will keep increasing. - You can achieve a similar thing if you use Single Series Waterfall Chart, but we do not have any such chart for multiple series/dual y 3) On the secondary Y axes, I need to have the *cumulative* sum of each record's Cost column that has a date for that month or prior (similar to 2)) as a line. - I am afraid this is not possible I would also like to have a cumulative shaded area based on the values in another list (month (Date/Time) and estimate (number)), but not sure if this is entirely possible to use more than one list in Collabion? - As of now we do not support fetching data from more than one list for a single chart. But we have plans to add support in future Kindly let me know if you need any clarifications or assistance
  3. Hi Nizar, Welcome to FusionCharts forum. Filtering multiple charts with a single unique filter is not possible with the current released version of Collabion, but we are happy to announce that in our next version you can filter as many charts as you wish with a single unique OOTB sharepoint filter. We are bringing many new features in our next release, out of those unique features one feature is the ability to connect Collabion Charts with list view webpart and sharepoint filter web parts using web part connection. So you can use any such filter like query string filter (as you mentioned) web part, choice filter web part, text filter web part, bdc filter, list view web part etc. and connect these web parts with Collabion Charts. You can use one such filter web part and connect that filter to as many Collabion Chart web parts as you wish. We will release the next version in October.
  4. Invalid Data Message

    Hi We are unable to reproduce the issue at our end. Can you please help us by providing the error log of the chart? If you are unaware how to get the log, please find the information here - http://docs.collabion.com/charts/1.1/contents/debug/troubleshooting.html http://docs.collabion.com/charts/1.1/contents/debug/error_log.html
  5. View With Filter By [Me]

    Thanks for reporting this issue. We will enable support for views containing 'Me' filter in next version of Collabion Chart. We will let you know once the version is available for download.