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  1. Fusionchart And Windows Security

    Hi Sumedh and what's news about version number ?
  2. Fusionchart And Windows Security

    Version: 3.3.0 (XT)
  3. Fusionchart And Windows Security

    Licence : Personnal Licence. It works fines under Windows 2003 but we have problems with Windows 2008 server.
  4. Hi all, On one serveur under Windows 2008 it seems to me that's the security of Windows blocks scripts java or activesX. I have tried differents ways but it doesn't work. Does somebody have to you it an idea on the parameters to control?
  5. Yes it's working fine like this Thank you very much for your answer and solution .
  6. Hi, The context menu on charts is in english, that would be interesting to be able to personalize it. I read than we would have to change the code in the respective chart source .as files but they are not provided with all the licences (Intranet, Website and personal use). To be able to give the translations in the XML file or HTML would be very well ! Thank you by advance for your attention.
  7. By reading the documention of my kind of graph I see that it is possible but the screenshot which accompanies presents the same problem. http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/ChartSS/Combi3D.html Bug or not ?
  8. I have modified my XML document ; I replaced “Target” by “Moyenne” and that does not change anything. That seems normal because one can name as it is wished this line. Does somebody arrives to obtain the text of the same color as the line ? Data.XML
  9. Windows XP SP3 Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox 18.2.2 In my XML document I set trendLines like this : <trendLines> <line startValue='2' color='FF0000' displayValue='Moyenne'/> </trendLines> I've got the line in the color but not the DisplayValue (See Picture 'Target' in attachment). The line ist green but not the title 'Moyenne' Data.XML TEST.html I don't know why, someone have an idea ?